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While you may be familiar with our luxurious party buses, did you know that we also feature top of the line charter buses for all your long distance group transportation needs? Richmond Charter Bus has the finest coaches that you've ever seen. Just take a look at the example to your left! Clean lines, bright lights, and a gleaming exterior that welcomes you from the first moment that the bus pulls up. Ample seating for even your largest trips, whether they are business trips or personal events. The comfort cannot be overstated and neither can the luxury. Richmond Charter Bus is your premier choice for a reason.

So what is it that makes a charter bus different than a party bus? While the exterior looks much the same, the interior is a completely different world. Rather than wraparound seating, you'll find shuttle seats arranged in rows. Rather than flashy LEDs and dance poles, the features are practical and classy. It's all completely professional, classic, and clean, perfect for business events and weddings alike.

It's clear from the name of our site that you can rent charter buses in Richmond, but please realize that our service area covers all the nearby cities that you would expect, including not only Petersburg, Hopewell, and Colonial Heights, but all of the other towns and communities that you would want to visit. Take a look at our service area page to get a feel for this, but know that we will do everything in our power to take you everywhere else that you have on your itinerary as well, no matter how far away it may be. Our service area page is just a general guide to the cities and communities that we serve most often. It's also important to note that we charge by the hour, not by distance. We're all about making things as affordable for you as possible even as you're traveling in the utmost luxury. Speaking of pricing, you can have a free price quote immediately with no obligation. All you've got to do is give us a quick call!

Charter buses are also known as coaches and they have many amenities that limos and limo buses simply don't have. For instance, our charter buses feature restrooms on board so you won't find yourself waiting in line at the restaurants and other establishments that you may frequent when you're traveling with it. It's not only convenient, it's more hygienic, and you don't even need to take time out of your travels at rest stops on longer trips! Another feature that differs between the two types of vehicles is reclining seats! In your charter bus, you'll enjoy the ability to recline and get some rest on those longer drives.

It's interesting to note that our repeat customers often jump between vehicle types. We've got some who utilize party buses for nights on the town, then come back a week later for a business event and take advantage of our charter buses for that. Additionally, we offer stretch limos like our 20-passenger Cadillac and our 12-passenger Range Rover. With such a wide array of vehicles to choose from, it's no wonder that Richmond Charter Bus is our area's most prominent provider of group transportation.

Are you considering renting a vehicle from Charter Bus Richmond? We hope so! We'd love to speak with you about your upcoming event and offer you a free price quote with absolutely zero obligation on your part. You can shoot us an email or give us a call. You'll want to provide us with the number of passengers you'll be expecting and the date of your event, as well as the style of your event and any destinations that you know you'll want to visit. You don't have to have everything set in stone by any means, but the more information you can provide, the more we can customize your trip to fit your particular needs. Please give Richmond Charter Bus a call tonight and let's get you that coach!