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What is the largest number of guests for Richmond Party Bus?

The largest bus that we have on our fleet can hold 40 guests, but you are more than welcome to rent multiple buses if you've got a larger party in the works!

What is the smallest number of guests we'll need?

Typically our smaller parties are in the range of 10 to 15 guests, but believe it or not, we do pretty brisk business for intimate dates and double dates too, or smaller gatherings of friends and business associates. The size of your party is completely up to you.

Do you provide alcoholic beverages to your customers?

No, but you are welcome to bring whatever drinks you like to stock the bar with, and we'll provide plenty of ice and cups.

Is it true that it's legal to drink alcohol on party buses?

Yes! While you're not allowed to have open containers of alcohol in your own personal vehicles, party bus companies acquire special licenses that allow you to party on the road and enjoy yourself. Since no one in your party is driving the bus, you don't need to choose a designated driver. Our professional chauffeurs are the best designated drivers around.

All of your buses on the vehicles page say "non-smoking." Do you have any vehicles in which smoking is allowed?

We're sorry to our smoking customers, but all of our vehicles are smoke-free.

Does everyone in our party have to be 21 and up?

If there is no alcohol on board, your party can be all ages. For parties with alcohol, we do require all guests to be at least 21.

Where else is a good place for party bus service?

Check out Grand Rapids Limo Bus and St Pete Party Bus.

Do you provide pickup and dropoff service?

We typically require a 4-hour service minimum, but we sometimes offer simple pickup and dropoff service during our nonpeak times of the year. Please call for further details.

Are there any times of the year that you're not open for business?

The only days of the year that you can't rent our services are the days that we're already booked! That's why we recommend booking as early as possible. We are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year, to take your calls and for bus trips.

Where can I find your contact information?

Our phone number and email address information is at the top of every page of our site, or you can find it on our contact page.