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Richmond Party Bus strives to offer the most competitive pricing in the Richmond metro area. We do this by calculating our prices on a daily basis, factoring in the things that change from day to day, such a fuel costs and demand. These things add up to a lower cost for you whenever possible, and that's why so many of our customers take advantage of that dynamic pricing. If you're budget-conscious, try booking on a weekday, during times of the year that we are not in high-demand, and be sure to ask us for more information about saving money when traveling with a Richmond limo bus.

The only drawback to having such dynamic pricing is that we can't list exact prices here on our Richmond Party Bus site. Instead, we offer the next best thing, which is an instant price quote customized just for you, via telephone or email. This lets us get the relevant information from you, including the number of guests and any preferences you may have in terms of party bus features and then we can do all of our calculations to come up with the price that's right for you.

We also offer special deals at certain times of the year and for certain special occasions. Currently, we have a bachelor/bachelorette party and wedding deal that will really help to knock some dollars off of an already expensive day. All you've got to do is call us and make reservations for both your wedding and a bachelor or bachelorette party. When booking them both at the same time, you will receive one additional hour of professionally chauffeured party bus service, completely free. That extra hour will be appreciated at the end of the night when you're wishing that the party could go on longer.

Speaking of wishing that the party could go on longer, you should know that you're more than welcome to keep the party bus as long as you like beyond the time that you originally requested. You won't find any fees tacked onto your bill for that. Just the same hourly rate, divided up into 15 minute increments, so that you never pay for more time than you actually used. Imagine enjoying your party bus trip in Richmond for just as long as you like, with no overtime charges and no hidden fees. Pure pleasure at a perfect price!

We've got a dedicated staff on hand to take your calls right now, even if you're reading this in the middle of the night. If you prefer email, you can easily reach us that way too. Our team is prepared with all of the detailed pricing information that you need, and all you've got to do is get in touch with us to claim that instant free price quote right now. You can reach us here. Take advantage of our special deals while they're available!